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  • Blog for National Endowment for the Arts

    I am doing a webinar for the National Endowment for the Arts today, chatting about creativity. Should be fun! To get...
  • Current and Upcoming Books!

    A brief discussion of current and upcoming books that I’d edited or served as series editor.

  • Seeking Creative Teachers!!

    Hi everyone, Greeting from the University of Connecticut. I have yet to go back to regular blogging, but I plan on...
  • good-grief-charlie-brown
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    The Charlie Brown Theory of Personality

    Charlie Brown is a model neurotic. He is prone to depression and anxiety and paralyzing fits of over-analysis. Constantly worrying if he is liked or respected, he has a perpetual, usually dormant crush on the little redheaded girl, taking small joys in her foibles (like biting her pencil) that may make her more attainable. He is noted for his inability to fly a kite.