Why couldn’t Jean Valjean have been a little more creative?

Valjean: “Wait a minute, I know this man! His name IS Doug. He worked at my factory three years ago. There’s no way he could be this dastardly Jean Valjean. I demand you release him right away to my custody. Because of the horrible accusations against him, I will give him a job in my factory. In fact, I’ll put him in charge for one week while I pick my… my niece, Cosette. Then I’ll be back and raise her to adulthood and be safe and secure and able to help an entire town’s worth of people. And if I ever hear of some guy named Valjean being arrested, I’ll go check it out and make sure it isn’t another one of my former factory workers who I can vouch for.”

Javert: “Okay. Sounds like a plan, Monseigneur Mayor.”

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