Creativity and Mental Illness: Some thoughts from my upcoming book

Just finished the proofs for my upcoming edited book Creativity and Mental Illness and thought I would share a version of my final chapter, which represents my own thoughts on the matter….

I think it stands alone well enough to include most of it here as a blog….

As I was finishing up this project, a colleague asked me a question that stuck with me – why exactly was I doing this book? I ask myself that question every time I am in the final stages of an edited project, as I track down the last chapters and begin the marketing questionnaires. But, of course, this question was a bit deeper. Why creativity and mental illness? Why study it?

Some would argue the topic has been done to death. There have been hundreds and hundreds of studies, most of them analyzing one small piece of the puzzle. Small effects or mixed results are overstated – or consistent patterns are minimized. The benchmark papers are flawed and, even if perfectly executed, would only shed light on one aspect of the …

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