Current and Upcoming Books!


I have remiss in my blogging so thought I would share some current and upcoming books that I have had a hand in.

Already out, the Neuroscience of Creativity was edited by Oshin Vartanian, Adam S. Bristol, and me. We had the great honor of asking renowned creativity and neuroscience scholars such as Margaret Boden, Shelley Carson, Elena Grigorenko, Liana Gabora, Andreas Fink, Rex Jung, Richard Haier, Helmut Leder, Pablo Tinio, and many, many more to contribute their take on this new and exciting intersection of research. We were thrilled with the results, and are very happy that MIT Press was so easy to work with and made the book look so nice!

Available for pre-order but not out yet is another edited volume, this one a collaboration with one of my intellectual heroes, Dean Keith Simonton. This book is called The Social Science of Cinema and it was also a delight. I have been a movie buff since I was a kid, and I used to teach a terrifically fun class at CSU San Bernardino called Psychology of the Movies. This volume offers essays that actually look at how we can conduct psychological research on the movies. Some of the authors are researchers well-known for their creativity work (Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Annabel Cohen, Gerald Cupchik, Thalia Goldstein, and, of course, Dean); other scholars were from related fields such as cognition, economics, and sociology and spun equally fascinating works that made me consider the topic in new ways. Not to single one chapter….but I will — Stacy Smith and colleague’s chapter on female actors in popular films is a must-read. The piece on editing by Jordan E. DeLong, Kaitlin L. Brunick, and James E. Cutting is also terrific.

There also some new Psych 101 books out (I am the series editor). Evolutionary Psychology 101  by Glenn Geher is just out and is great. Some more to come include The Psychology of Love 101, by Karin Sternberg, Intelligence 101, by Jonathan Plucker and Amber Esping, and Depression 101, by C. Emily Durbin. I recommend them all!

I have at least five other books in press at various stages of development that I will discuss as they get closer.

And I have some recent papers out that I will write separate blogs about to discuss and disseminate the findings. Alas, a recent sinus infection has completely knocked me out and led to me being very behind.

Hope you find something in this blog to serve as bedside (or classroom) reading!


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